Metrohood Pelmet Completes The Window

We respect and are able to treat customers as individuals, everyone has a different thing they are trying to achieve in their home. Do you require privacy, is heat an issue, some customers just want to dress the window, and have something nice to finish the room. A pelmet is a great way to achieve this. A pelmet is a decorative cover designed to cover the majority of the workings of the blind. In a roller blind it hides the brackets, control ends and tube, leaving just the blind hanging from under it. We have a range of pelmets available to customers, however one of our more popular pelmets is the metrohood pelmet due to its classy look. We usually wrap the same blind fabric around the pelmet so it all ties into together, allowing this family to #enjoytheperfectview



The Future Is Here… Verti Sheer

How do you dress a large sliding door? The trend is people are looking for window furnishings which soften the room. Curtains are usually a good way of achieving this, but if you don’t want curtains what is the answer? Verti Sheer.

A Verti Sheer is a cross between a vertical blind, and a sheer curtain. You can adjust how much light comes into the room, by twisting the control wand, and adjusting the blades, as you would with a vertical blind, with maximum open-ness of the vertical blinds, the sheer curtain, gives privacy, while softening and dressing the window.

These photos do not do this product justice. If you are looking to re-dress your windows, especially large windows, consider this product as you are effectively getting two blinds in one, and gives you a range of ways you can use your windows.

This customer will definitely now #enjoytheperfectview.



Awning creates atmosphere

Most of us had something damaged in the hail storm. This customer had a great outdoor entertaining area, but with damage to their folding arm awning, the mood and atmosphere was gone. Shaedz of Alice quickly fixed that with a new model. The beauty of a folding arm awning is, when you are out to party the awning goes out, when you are finished and head back inside, the awning comes in also. With this awning the party can now start and #enjoytheperfectview




Timber Venetians fit right in!

Timber Venetians are an elegant product often over looked. This home was perfect for them though. Raw timber floor boards, Timber furniture including desk, drawers, and bed. These blinds just finished the room. We know that this customer will now #enjoytheperfectview



South Edge Apartments

South Edge Apartments just south of the Gap, have just started having tenants move in. We have already installed many of these apartments with modern, and good looking blinds. These customers can now #enjoytheperfectview in their new homes!










Huge Sliding Door = No Problem

This customer has a lovely home and a taste to match, with an upgraded metrohood pelmet, wrapped in the light filtering fabric Le Reve, with the five panes in the Panel Glide, looks absolutely stunning. We regularly suggest to clients that a Panel Glide is a modern, stylish way for a normal sliding door. This larger door, we added more panels for a great finish. We have lots of fabrics, and styling options to suit a wide variety of needs. Pop into our showroom, and see how we might help you #enjoytheperfectview



Have Home, Want Walls

This customer came to us with the problem, they wanted to use their outdoor area, but was too cold during winter to use. We suggested using a Zipscreen, which gives great shading, but the type of fabric still, allows some light and air flow. Each Zipscreen has its own motor and at the click of a button, all the Zipscreens can be locked in at a height that allows the perfect view. I have been told, the Zipscreens are working perfectly, with the aid of an outdoor heater, has created a great outdoor living space that will be used all year round, with many a party to be held. #enjoytheperfectview









Home Improvement Scheme: Registered.

We are registered for the NT Government’s Home Improvement Scheme. Great time to get those new blinds, some roller shutters for added security or some outdoor awnings for some shading. Give us a call to arrange a FREE measure and quote, or pop into our modern showroom to view the options available to your window furnishing needs.

For more information check out:


The Northern Territory Government is investing $20 million in a Home Improvement Scheme. It will boost small businesses involved in home improvement, repairs and maintenance to keep work flowing in the Territory.

From 5 June 2016, Territory homeowner-occupiers can apply to receive a voucher worth up to $2,000 towards minor improvements, repairs and upgrades to their homes.

Homeowner-occupiers can put the voucher towards works of up to $20,000 carried out by a Territory small business that is registered to participate. Homeowners will need to contribute at least half of the cost of works.

Up to 30% of the voucher value can be used towards good and materials as part of the job.

The Home Improvement Scheme is a simple way to make a big difference for small businesses and tradies and is only available to Territory homeowner-occupiers.

The scheme will be open to homeowners from 5 June 2016 to 30 June 2017.

Slice of Heaven – Straight Drop Awnings

These customers have a great view, great pool, great outdoor lifestyle, but needed a solution to finish their dream backyard. These Straight Drop Awnings, are retractable by use of a crank arm. They are held nice and taut by saddles mounted to the ground, to give a crisp clean finish. They give fantastic shading and heat reduction, getting ready for all  that time that will be spent outdoors, especially in summer. #enjoytheperfectview





Limited Space: Solution Lotus Folding Door

We all know that place, we would like to have a door, but cant fit one. We recently assisted a client with a similar situation. Wanting to divide those rooms, a lotus folding door is a stylish way, to find that separation and privacy, you want and deserve. #enjoytheperfectview





Winter is coming!

Yes, by now we can all feel that cool breeze on the gusts of wind. It is getting colder, but are you ready? We put insulation in our walls and rooves to keep the warmth in our homes. We spend money on fires, oil heaters and reverse cycle air-conditioners to keep us warm, over the next few months. But are you wasting money heating your home?

Short answer, probably yes. Have you ever touched the glass in your car on in your home? Notice how it gets really cold during winter, and really hot in summer?

The reason for this is you will lose a lot of the room temperature through the glass. The outside cold temperature will cool the glass, and then act like an air-conditioner radiating cold air into the room. Meaning you need to spend more money keep the fire , heater or air-con going.

With the right type of blinds and insulation on your windows, you can drastically save on your heating and electricity bills. It has been estimated using a Luxaflex Duette on your windows, can save you upto 43% on you electricity bills, as the blind is stylish, yet acts as an insulator stopping lots of that cold air, ever getting through the blind, meaning your room will stay warmer, at a reduced cost.

Luxaflex Duette’s available at Shaedz of Alice in Alice Springs #enjoytheperfectview

Photos and more information :

DSC_1344 751 738 725

Awnings Complete Vision

This couple had been putting off doing their blinds, awnings and updating there house for 15 years. They finally made the decision to come into the showroom and have a look around at the products we could offer, and fabric choices.

The blinds in a Le Reve Blockout and also Light Liltering looked a treat, just waiting on a photo for that, however the crowning gem, being the awnings around the Spa. The fixed infill panel over the top of the spa, looks fantastic, with no stretch marks, nice and taut. To finish the area, a straight drop awning, for privacy and to cut out the western sun beeming in, helping these customers #enjoytheperfectview



Auto Guide Awnings Cool This Room Down

Have you ever touched the glass in your windows? At home or in the car? Notice they sometimes get really hot or really cold? Did you know that you lose most of your air-conditioning or heating through the glass in your windows and doors?

We insulate our walls and roofs, with insulation bats, and sometimes neglect our window and doors. That’s where you are losing your room temperature, through the glass.

Having an external awning like an auto guide awning, prevents a percentage of heat hitting the windows, therefore the room is not getting hot in summer. The auto guide awning is retractable, so if you are looking for that extra bit of warmth during winter, you can roll it up into the head box.

The difference between nothing on the wall, and the awning is amazing! #enjoytheperfectview




Linked Roller Blinds Great Result Over Sliding Door

This customer wanted a useful blind on her sliding door. Generally we do not install roller blinds on a sliding door, because people typically push it out of the way when they are trying to get out, instead of lifting the blind, ruining the blind with dirty hand marks and creases in the blind. However on this occasion, the linked blinds allow for the two blinds to work independently. One can be closed and one open as in the photo, or any combination of full open or closed. #enjoytheperfectview

Designer Fabrics To Spice Up Your Rooms

A couple who had been talking about about updating their blinds, recently popped into our showroom and wanted to make their blinds a feature in their rooms. The Kitchen blind with the ducks, gives a country homestead feel to this Kitchen, a place you want to cook!

The bedrooms, while appearing similiar have a metallic finish, one bedroom had a gold fleck finish while the other bedroom had a silvery finish. Quite stunning to look at.

The remaining blinds were plain coloured roller blinds, a simple finish, however the Metro Hood Pelmet over the top of the adjoining roller blinds look a million dollar. The Metro hood is wrapped in the same fabric as the blinds, tying the window furnishings altogether.

Was great to see how this customer wanted to #enjoytheperfectview







Entertaining Area of Kings

Diane Sheedy’s son who is an engineer designed this masterpiece outdoor entertaining area, however facing west, created a new problem due to the heat. Upon speaking to Ray, we quickly devised a solution in a Zipscreen. Beautifully designed and secured to the posts. Created a great shading solution to this wonderful entertaining area.