Right Fabric Fits Everywhere

Our customer has multiple styles of blinds through out her home, including a Roman Blind in the Rumpus Room, A Panel Glide over the Entrance Sliding Door and Roller Blinds in the Dining Room.

This is a GREAT example of how the right fabric can be used for multiple blinds and create a theme through out the home. The Light Filtering Fabric, creates privacy (can only see silhouettes) while letting the light into the living areas, and has come up a treat.

This also allows us to possibly extend to the bedrooms. While you would not want light filtering fabric in a bedroom, while you are attempting to sleep. Most fabrics have a sister Blockout version. Appears the same, just blocks the light out to maintain that theme.

We know our customers will now #enjoytheperfectview

“Light Filtering Roman Blind in Rumpus Room”

“Light Filtering Panel Glide over Entrance Sliding Door”

“Light Filtering Roller Blinds in Dining Room”