*Warranty period begins from the date of installation.

*Warranties only apply to goods that have been paid for, in full.

Shaedz of Alice offers:

5 Years on all Luxaflex products.

5 Years on Awning Cloth (Ricky Richards).

5 Years on Roller Shutters (CW Products) Batteries NOT included this is a 12 month warranty.

12 Months on Blind Parts and Components (Varies with Different Models of Blinds)

12 Months Service Warranty on all Installations in Residential/Domestic Applications

3 Months Service Warranty on all Installations in Commercial Applications

Warranty Does NOT include:
External Awnings are not covered by Wind or Storm Damage. It is suggested that your Blinds be rolled up during storms or bad weather.

Not using the intended blind control methods or using the blind in the intended way