Roller Shutters

Exterior Blinds
Fashionline Roller Shutters have thermal insulation properties that can significantly reduce the heat in the warmer months. Injected with polyurethane, roller shutters offer a thick wall of insulation just like that of a cool room and can keep out up to 90%* of the outside heat. Be it the middle of summer or just the midday and afternoon sun throughout the year, the insulating features of Fashionline Roller shutters keeps your home cooler, provides significant energy savings and offers reduced energy bills for owners.Roller Shutters also allow for light control whilst preventing sunlight and harmful ultra-violet rays from fading and damaging carpets, interior furnishings and paintings as well as acting as a long-term protection for window frames. Not only popular with shift workers and parents with small children, Roller Shutters are quickly becoming a household favourite for home entertainment theatres where complete light control is needed to create that true theatre experience.
Roller Shutters provide the most complete protection of any Fashionline product by blocking heat in summer, insulating against the cold in winter, reducing external noises and providing a barrier to intruders.
  • Pelmet & eve installation
  • Insulated slat profile
  • Manual, motorised and remote controlled
  • Commercial grade slat profile
A Shaedz of Alice consultant is able to guide you in the complete range of options available.

  • Manual or 240 Volt Motorised Control
  • Wide Range of Colours and styles
  • Options for commercial settings and difficult installations
HEAT PROTECTION 3 Warranty Brochure
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